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GardenMaster Dehydrator

I have used this dehydrator for almost 40 years.

With this dehydrator package you get everything you need to dry almost anything.

The GardenMaster's patented pressurized horizontal air flow system forces the heated dry air up the outer channels of the trays, surrounding the food with a wall of air. The dry air goes across the food and down the central tube. 

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This top-of-the-line Gardenmaster package includes:

  • base and top
  • 8 dehydrator trays
  • 8 solid sheets *
  • 8 mesh sheets **
  • sample of jerky spice
  • manufacturer's manual
  • and my 4 books (a $60.95 value)
    • Food Drying with an Attitude
    • Mary Bell's Complete Food Dehydrator Cookbook
    • Just Jerky
    • Jerky People

All for $200 plus shipping.               


* Solid (leather) sheets are solid plastic liners that fit in a dehydrator tray. They are used to dry fruit and vegetable purees, spaghetti sauce, yogurt, in other words almost any food with the exception of oil and raw eggs.





** Mesh sheets help prevent foods with a lot of sugar from sticking to the drying trays; foods, such as bananas, tomatoes and watermelon. They help prevent small pieces of food, like celery and various herbs from falling through the drying trays. Mesh sheets also help prevent juicy foods from dripping from one tray to another.
In my opinion, they are worth their weight in gold.