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Food Drying with an Attitude

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Food Drying with an Attitude

A combination of spirit, spunk, attitude, conscience and good food!


Food Drying with an Attitude promises something for everyone.  It’s dried-ingredient recipes offer a wild romp involving an imaginative mindset to titillate your taste buds: from Zucchini-Rhubarb Bread, Dried Tomato Garbanzo Salad, Blackened Sweet Red Pepper Puree and Mushroom Pate, to Toasted Vegetable Flax Crackers, Modern Pemmican and Eggplant Dolmas, even Jerky Angle Food Cake.

Bell’s dazzling culinary gems include an historic Native American recipe passed on to her by Buffalo Bird Woman: Four-Vegetable-Mixed mash of dried beans and squash; and another entry by famed Chicago Restaurateur Charlie Trotter: Dragon Crackers, an East Indian spiced flax seed flatbread.

The recipes are interspersed with useful tips and insights on substitutions, alternate ingredients and variations on a theme. Plus, she discusses raw-drying, cooked-drying, half-drying, twice-drying (marinating infusion) and rehydration methods.  


"Bell’s book, Food Drying with Attitude, conveys an inspiring attitude of creative self-sufficiency by comprehensively exploring the art and practicality of drying food.  It is not just a book of instructions.  It explains how to dry, what works best and gives simple directions on how to dry a wide variety of food."

 "Bell has hit a most convincing stride that blends playfulness and humor along with a political perspective relating to our food resources.  Bell’s “can-do” friendly tone serves up a thoughtful way of looking at how we get food, making this book more than a cookbook or a food preservation methodology—it succeeds in giving solid information of how to make getting food an approachable and motivating political manifesto."

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