Welcome to my site! Here you will find what I have to offer after a lifetime exploring and implementing a sustainable lifestyle. On this site, I sell both my food dehydration classes as well as the products I use in the classes.

For years I have sold everything required to dry food – for people and animals. Now I am offering classes teaching everything you need to know about food dehydration, helping you to see the possibilities of and to take a first step toward a sustainable lifestyle.

I love teaching. Seeing how I can help you learn that sustainability isn’t an outlandish idea is a joy, and I make a promise to every class:


                     CLASS PROMISE

• You will taste, feel and smell dried food

• You will learn how to dry fruits and vegetables and how to make leathers (roll-ups), jerky, as well as pet treats and crafts

• Find out what drying is

• How long it takes and how to tell when food is dry

• Storage and pretreatment options

• Nutritional value

• How to rehydrate and cook with dried food