Food drying is back!

In this time of economic concerns,

food drying can help each one of you save money and food.


Note: Product prices listed on this site do NOT include shipping, because I try to keep shipping costs to a minimum.

 I am dedicated to the hope that food drying will find a welcome place in everyone’s kitchen and that every farmer’s market will have at least one dried food vendor. 

With heart and soul, I pray we all embrace a variety of ways to live more sustainable lives.

Our Take on Sustainability

Over the course of ten days my husband and I canned 28 quarts of tomatoes, 48 pints of beets and made 10 gallons of refrigerator pickles.  We then dried 100 tomatoes, 72 ears of corn, 46 eggplants, 40 pounds of bananas, a lug of peaches and made 100 packages of a dried rhubarb sauce we call “Rhubarb Lace.”  To top it off, we froze 60 dozen ears of corn.
Our goal is to become 100% food sustainable.  That said, we realize we need to buy food items we cannot produce ourselves or purchase locally, so to off-set what we purchase we dry and sell our extra food at the local farmer’s market.   ALL...

Dehydrator  - I have used Nesco/American dehydrators for over 30 years

Books  - Mary Bell's Complete Dehydrator Cookbook, Food Drying with an Attitude,  Just Jerky, Jerky People, Cutting Across Time

Jerky Gun and Supplies  A jerky gun is a must for making ground meat jerky          

Farmers Market  - The food I've sold at the Saturday Lanesboro Farmers Market    




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